Thought of Stars Chapter 6: Broken Dreams

Screenshot-150It took some time but soon Sabrina did get her little sister!

Of course that wasn’t the end for Reese and Darren and soon they were expecting yet another set of twins. About half way through the pregnancy, the kids were sent to the  office at school and told they would be sent to the hospital after school.

Screenshot-157Ryan was the first to reach Darren who was in the waiting room, Sabrina was trying to handle the other 3 school kids.  Reese had lost both babies.

Screenshot-158The kids found themselves all bonded together.

“I don’t think she’ll sleep tonight, She doesn’t know what’s really going on. Although she keeps saying “baby” over and over but she knows we’re all upset so she cries whenever I put her down.” Sabrina said.

“I’m not expecting to sleep much tonight either, so if you need to talk or just someone to take over Dorthy duty.”

“You never sleep much” Sabrina said cracking a small smile

“That’s true!”

“How’s Finn?”

“He seams OK, but I should probably go check on him, If you need me I’m right next door.”

“Me too”


Thought of Starts Chapter 5: We Found Love

Screenshot-118When Finn was about a year and a half, Darren was starting to get that baby itch again, After some hesitation Reese agreed.

Screenshot-119They tried for over 2 years with no success. Finally they decided to stop actively trying.


“Why are you looking so smiley today?” Darren said as he came out of the bathroom one morning.

“Because we’re having a baby” Reese said.

“Oh well…. wait.. What!?!” Darren said.

“We’re going to be parents again, I’m pregnant!”

“Seriously? I was so convinced it was never going to happen!” Darren said pulling her in for a kiss.

Then came something new for this pregnancy telling the kids. For the first time all the kids were old enough to understand what was going on with mommy. Which meant they needed to be told they were getting new siblings. Yes. siblings it was another set of twins. It was decided that as the summer started to wind down and the older twins got ready to start kindergarten Reese would spend a day out with each of the kids individually

Screenshot-122Reese took Sabrina to one of the local festivals, It was at a park and Sabrina would love the chance to run around and play. They enjoyed a nice mother daughter game of soccer before breaking the news. Reese was surprised by how excited she was! Although she did ask if one of the babies could be a girl.


Reese took Ryan to the other festival in town. The boy loved the heat of summer so he was just happy to be outside. Ryan said he was excited to be a big brother again.

Screenshot-129Reese took Finn to the beach, he was happy to just lay around all day. Finn was surprisingly indifferent to the news of his arriving siblings.

Screenshot-136Finally the new set of twins was born, two boys named Logan Felix, and Cohan Dawson. Although Sabrina was sad there wasn’t a new little girl in the family she was happy she got to keep her room to herself.

Thought of Stars Chapter 4: I Know Things Now

Like most new parents it was crazy around the Banks-Urban household. It took them a few months to really settle into a routine finally after a few months they had finally found a rhythm which meant more adult time as well.

Screenshot-107Just after the twins turned 1, Reese was doing everyone’s favorite job and cleaning the bathroom where she found an extra pregnancy test under the sink.  No way… She thought to herself, as she pulled out her phone to check the app she used to track her period. No, no, no she thought as she she noticed her period was almost 3 weeks late. This is not happening. The pregnancy test thought otherwise.


“We’ll see what your dad has to say about this” Reese said as she got the twins settled on the couch each in their new big brother/big sister outfits. “Dada” both kids yelled out, it was one of the few words they knew well. Just after that Darren walked out to the living room.

“You’re kids have a message for you” Reese started out with.

“What? They can barely talk” Darren said.

“Dada! Dada!” They both called from the couch, Darren quickly rushed over to the couch noticing Sabrina trying to crawl off the couch. The girl didn’t sit for more than a few minutes since she learned she could move about on her own.

“Where do you think you are going princess?” He said to her, “Oh my god! Are you serious he said looking over to Reese.

“mmhmm” she responded with a nod


A few weeks later Reese and Darren were enjoying some grownup alone time outside.

“You know I think this is my favorite part” Darren said.


“The pregnancy, those couple weeks where you start showing, but it doesn’t look like much and only you and me really know what’s going on.”

“Well I’m not showing as quickly this time so hopefully there’s only 1 baby in there this time.”

“I think being a mother makes you even more beautiful,” Darren said leaning in for a kiss.

“I think you’re crazy”


But of course Darren’s favorite part of the pregnancy was soon over, and everyone could see the new addition to the Banks-Urban household.


Before she was even a year and half, Sabrina was up and walking, she was definitely going to be a handful.


“This is a really great way to be spending our leisure day isn’t it?” Reese said as she closed her eyes feeling another contraction come on.

“I couldn’t think of anything better to be doing.”  Darren said grabbing her hand and putting a small kiss on her forehead.

“We could be playing with the kids at the festival or the beech”

“And next year we’ll have 3 amazing kids to play with.”

A few hours later little Finn Daniel was born.

Thought of Stars Chapter 1: Without Love

“It’s so pretty here” Reese said.

“I know how much you love this garden”

Reese had been in love with all things Chinese culture since she started practicing martial arts when she was 11.

“Umm, Reese listen I brought you here tonight because I wanted to ask you something.”

“You’ve been acting really weird the last few days, what’s going on?” Reese asked.


Reese gasped as Darren lowered to his knee. “Reese Abigail Banks, we’ve been dating for over 5 years now. And I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to do this, Will you marry me?”

“Oh my god! YES!!!! absolutely Yes!” Reese shouted.


“Ugh I just can’t shake this stomach bug I thought these types of things were only supposed to last 24 hours.” Reese told her co-worker Kami.

“Don’t take this the wrong way but have you considered that you might be pregnant?” Kami responded which just the hint of a smile creeping onto her face.

“Do you think so… I haven’t wanted to think about it” Reese said.

“Go to the store on the way home pick up a pregnancy test. Take it home talk to Darren If you’re really as worked up as you seem to be you’ll want him with you.”


Darren had off that day. So he was waiting for her when she got home. Reese had cried most of the taxi ride home the little box in the bag next to her. She was hoping he wouldn’t notice as she walked through the door. “Hi Reese!” She heard him yell from the kitchen. She walked quietly into the house. Darren came out from the kitchen and it only took him once look to figure out something was wrong. “Reese what’s wrong?”

“I’m scared” Reese said.

“Reese what’s going on?”

Now Reese was crying. She simply held up the bag. Darren reached for it not dropping his gaze from her. It wasn’t until he pulled the box out of the bag that he finally broke eye contact with her to look at the box. “Reese…” He said after seeing the blue box labeled pregnancy test. “Are you?”

“I don’t know… I’m so scared… If I’m pregnant what are we supposed to do we can’t do this…”

“We’ll get through it, maybe this wasn’t planned but we can do this, look let’s not do this tonight it’s late, let’s go to sleep try and enjoy leisure day tomorrow. Then after we’re done celebrating we can deal with this. Sound good?”

Reese nodded and with one last promise it would be OK the couple headed off to bed.