Thought of Stars Chapter 3: Dream Your Dream


“Let’s take a look here” the ultrasound tech said, “OK this is… Oh what do we have here”

“What is it?” Reese said.

“Well look at that, here’s one baby… and here’s another baby”

“Twins!” Reese and Darren said at the same time.

“Other than that everything looks perfect! Congratulations”


After the ultrasound tech left the room, Darren helped Reese off the bed. “Twins! That’s just wow!”

“You think I would have suspected that being a twin and all…” Reese said, “How are we supposed to this. We can barely afford one kid how are we supposed to afford two.”

“We love them that’s all we need we’ll get through it”


Even with the pregnancy to overshadow the engagement and wedding planning, Darren and Reese still managed to have a small ceremony at the garden where they were engaged.

Screenshot-96It was only a few weeks later that Reese woke up in the middle of the night. Not yet babies, she whispered to herself. The babies had a different idea.

Screenshot-105And soon the little twins were born, Ryan Geoffrey and Sabrina Melissa.


Thought of Stars Chapter 2: Keep Holding On


It was about 5 in the morning when Reese found herself in the bathroom really you can’t take a break it’s a holiday she found herself thinking as she rubbed her belly. She quickly stopped herself. She couldn’t have a baby. She just couldn’t, they were still paying off student loans and the house… They couldn’t have a baby.


“Are you sure you’re feeling up to going out today we can just stay home if you’re not feeling up to it.” Darren told Reese as she ate her toast at breakfast that morning.

“No I want to go, I’ll be fine!” Reese insisted.

They spent the day at the summer festival and some time at the beach. Soon it was time to get some answers.


“Well there it is, I’m pregnant”  Reese said. She really didn’t know what to think.

“We’re going to be parents”  Darren said coming up behind her for a hug.


Reese had just stepped out of the shower one day when she noticed something different. Oh my god.  she whispered as she turned sideways to look at herself in the mirror. “Darren!” she called out. He quickly ran into the bathroom. “What is it?” he said. “Look!” she said pointing down to her belly.


Darren laughed as he spun around grabbing onto Reese’s hands. “It’s getting real now isn’t it?” Darren said.

“It’s too early for this I’m not supposed to be showing yet!” Reese said. She thought she’d have more time before she had to deal with this.

“Maybe you’re just farther along than we thought. Look we’ll find out more in a few hours. Now put some clothes on I can’t handle this.” Darren said with a smile and a kiss.