Thought of Stars Chapter 6: Broken Dreams

Screenshot-150It took some time but soon Sabrina did get her little sister!

Of course that wasn’t the end for Reese and Darren and soon they were expecting yet another set of twins. About half way through the pregnancy, the kids were sent to the  office at school and told they would be sent to the hospital after school.

Screenshot-157Ryan was the first to reach Darren who was in the waiting room, Sabrina was trying to handle the other 3 school kids.  Reese had lost both babies.

Screenshot-158The kids found themselves all bonded together.

“I don’t think she’ll sleep tonight, She doesn’t know what’s really going on. Although she keeps saying “baby” over and over but she knows we’re all upset so she cries whenever I put her down.” Sabrina said.

“I’m not expecting to sleep much tonight either, so if you need to talk or just someone to take over Dorthy duty.”

“You never sleep much” Sabrina said cracking a small smile

“That’s true!”

“How’s Finn?”

“He seams OK, but I should probably go check on him, If you need me I’m right next door.”

“Me too”


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