Thought of Starts Chapter 5: We Found Love

Screenshot-118When Finn was about a year and a half, Darren was starting to get that baby itch again, After some hesitation Reese agreed.

Screenshot-119They tried for over 2 years with no success. Finally they decided to stop actively trying.


“Why are you looking so smiley today?” Darren said as he came out of the bathroom one morning.

“Because we’re having a baby” Reese said.

“Oh well…. wait.. What!?!” Darren said.

“We’re going to be parents again, I’m pregnant!”

“Seriously? I was so convinced it was never going to happen!” Darren said pulling her in for a kiss.

Then came something new for this pregnancy telling the kids. For the first time all the kids were old enough to understand what was going on with mommy. Which meant they needed to be told they were getting new siblings. Yes. siblings it was another set of twins. It was decided that as the summer started to wind down and the older twins got ready to start kindergarten Reese would spend a day out with each of the kids individually

Screenshot-122Reese took Sabrina to one of the local festivals, It was at a park and Sabrina would love the chance to run around and play. They enjoyed a nice mother daughter game of soccer before breaking the news. Reese was surprised by how excited she was! Although she did ask if one of the babies could be a girl.


Reese took Ryan to the other festival in town. The boy loved the heat of summer so he was just happy to be outside. Ryan said he was excited to be a big brother again.

Screenshot-129Reese took Finn to the beach, he was happy to just lay around all day. Finn was surprisingly indifferent to the news of his arriving siblings.

Screenshot-136Finally the new set of twins was born, two boys named Logan Felix, and Cohan Dawson. Although Sabrina was sad there wasn’t a new little girl in the family she was happy she got to keep her room to herself.


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